Asbestos is common in most homes built during and before mid 1980's but it is possible to find AC products in homes built even up to 2003. If you have any concerns about your home or workplace, Northern Rivers Asbestos Removal is here to help. We remove bonded asbestos anywhere in and around your home, business or property including:

- Internal/external walls and ceilings
- AC fencing
- Roofing
- Gutters
- Electrical Switchboards
- AC piping & any other bonded Asbestos containing material.

Where to find Asbestos

"Versilux" sheets used internally in the walls and ceilings (manufactured with either bevelled edges, square edge or recessed for flush jointing)

"Hardflex" ceiling sheets to the verandahlog cabin profiled wall panels used vertically or horizontally

Non-asbestos guttering may contain asbestos residue from "Super Six" roofs

Some guttering was also manufactured from asbestos cement

Walls and ceiling in "Versilux" sheets with a recessed edge, plastered over and then tiled over or with Tilux sheeting over the bath tub and shower recess

Asbestos backed vinyl sheet flooring and/or vinyl floor tiles

  • 1 "Super Six" fence panels and fence capping
  • 2 Asbestos cement downpipe
  • 3 "Shadowline" vertical panels also used. Highline and coverline in a vertical profiled panel
  • 4 Compressed sheeting to the rear landing
  • 5 "Zelimite" backing to the switchboard
  • 6 Pieces of asbestos cement packing under the ant capping
  • 7 Vinyl floor tiles
  • 8 Moulded telecommunications pit or electrical pit
  • 9 DT surround (disconnector trap)
  • 10 Hot water system with a lined thermostat housing or element housing and lagged hot water pipes
  • 11 "Hardiplank" woven fencing
  • 12 Textile packing in between the cast iron Y junction pipe and asbestos cement vent pipe
  • 13 "Hardiplank" wall cladding. Buildings clad in "Hardies" chamfer board and log cabin
  • 14 Soffit sheeting
  • 15 Asbestos cement went pipe and cap
  • 16 "Super Six" corrugated roof sheeting and ridge capping

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